About us


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FUNKYDALI. Wedding Docugrapher.
Documentary-style wedding photography - with less of the heavy, but more of the lighthearted.

We’re not ones to talk about ourselves because we believe our work speaks for itself. However, we realised that if we’re going to work together, you’d want to know what you’re getting yourself into.

So we’ll go first.

Hi! We’re Funkydali. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ve been immortalising special moments nationally and internationally for 7 years now. We love documenting life with a creative eye. We don’t just love weddings for the beauty and vibrance it brings, but the people in it, the stories we never knew existed but now have the opportunity of bringing them to life, telling everyone and anyone who would listen (or in our case, see). We don’t just operate our cameras, we operate with our hearts. With us, what you get is made in Malaysia, with love. If that is something you can get with, say hi and let’s get a conversation started.



Iz Mady (The Eyes)
Turns out, Mady found great purpose in being tall and lanky. The high angles he can reach, the wide strides for low shots he can make. Not only will he pull through for you, but the muscles he’ll pull achieving it! (true story)

Yes he’s tall, but he’s buff too – a movie buff, that is. From film noirs to dystopian Sci-Fi, his love for movies and TV shows can be seen in his work. As the eyes of Funkydali, he gathers inspirations in the works of the masters and creates his very own original masterpieces.

Prior to Funkydali, Mady created masterpieces of a different kind - the advertising kind. Design was his passion for 10 years before he dabbled in photography and found his true calling. He picked up a camera and taught himself everything he needed to know, incorporating design and his newfound love. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Elaine Yuen (The Voice)
… is a bottle of champagne. No guys, she doesn’t need to attend AA. Her bubbly personality makes you feel as if there’s 10 years of history between you guys when it’s only been 10 minutes.

If Mady is the eyes of Funkydali, Elaine is the voice. As Funkydali’s dream weaver, she pens down your thoughts and visions and string together what you want (and sometimes things you don’t even know you want yet), and pass them on to the dream makers (photographers).

Not only can she fulfill your wedding story desires, she can definitely fulfill your tummies too as she makes a mean lasagna and roasted chicken Jamie Oliver might even hit her up for the recipe.