Love notes


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Nice things people have said about us that we didn’t pay them to say.
No lasagna and roasted chicken briberies were involved in their decision making either.

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Photo Motion & Wedding Day / 2015

We knew we wanted you guys from day 1. We didn’t even bother shopping around! Thank you soooooo much for all the memories and stories made during our pre-wed shoot. We have stories to tell at dinner parties now lol and a bigger thank you for being so patient and accommodating on our wedding day(s) itself. We didn’t just get awesome photos and a pre-wed vid out of this, we got amazing friends along with it. Love your work and love you guys!

Andy and Eunice.


Couple Session &Wedding Day / 2015

Hi Elaine, thank you and Mady so much for being our wedding photographers, being our eyes on the days! You guys were truly amazing in following us on our wedding trilogy. Thanks for always being so accommodating and frank with us. Both my wife and I, and many of our friends are highly complementary of your work. We have both thoroughly enjoyed the funkydali experience! 

Even though the journey has now ended, we consider you our friends so please don't be a stranger and if you guys are ever in Melbourne, please do give us a holler! 

Jin Min.


Couple Session &Wedding Day / 2016

The packaging is beautiful. Loved it! Went through the photos and we loved loved loved it. Bring back memories of the day. It was so much fun. Thank you to you guys for capturing our special day :)

Thank you again for all your hard work! 

Aveline and Por.


Photo Motion / 2016

We stumbled upon FunkyDali by coincidence and immediately fell in love with their view on wedding portraits. Being a camera-shy couple, Elaine & Mady made sure to understand our story so they could best tell that story with photographs. Together, we braved hours under the heat, thunderstorms and subsequently, a flood. Was it worth it? Hell yes, our pre-wedding photos are everywhere around the house and we routinely catch ourselves replaying the pre-wedding video over and over again. Elaine & Mady are fantastic artisans with a touch of friendliness any wedding couple could hope for. Plus, their taste in music is rawkin’. Don’t take it from me – check out their Vimeo. Thanks so much, both of you!

Eugene & Jane.


Wedding Day / 2016

We received the photos last night. They looked great! I was looking at them in bed till 3am... and we love the prints! Thanks so much!



Photo Motion / 2016

First and foremost it has been a pleasure for the both of us to work with creative artiste like the both of you, Mady and Elaine. We both love the video and it has met what we set out to achieve when we first enrolled for it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to cross paths again soon. All the best.

If you need help let us know.

Wilson & Fei Yee.


Wedding Day  / 2017

We received the album in good order and were absolutely delighted with the final product. Thank you for commemorating our day so beautifully - it will be something we will keep with us for years to come. We feel that we were very fortunate to have you with us in Langkawi and appreciate not only your final product, but your team interactions with us and our guests overall.

We continue to follow your work with interest on Facebook and wish you all the best for your future projects!

Georgina and Jan x


Wedding Day  / 2017

You guysssssssssssss, OUT OF THIS WORLD. You can't imagine how happy I am right now!!! Best decision of my life!!! Ahhhh. My heart is so full.. thank you so much for this! Everyone says the photos are amazing!

Nigel Lim.


Wedding Day  / 2017

Thank you so much for all you, Mady and Chin's time, energy and effort. Patrick and I are incredibly grateful and appreciative of your work. We really loved the same day edit too! The colours were so vivid and well captured. I hope you all didn't have too much trouble and had some time to rest. Take care and talk soon!



Wedding Day / 2018

Just want to let you know, we were very driven by you and Mady’s energy & enthusiasm during every shoot yesterday, and you’re really attentive to every little details, our condition especially, helped us went through a smoother process throughout the night. Thank you so much for being there for us, we look forward to the great photos!


Peter and Lauren.